What is happiness really?

In the first place, to know what happiness really is, we would have to ask ourselves a question: What is happiness for me? The answer can be somewhat complex and be full of different nuances for each one of us. That can indicate to us that happiness is not something that is out there, under the circumstances that we live, but rather in ourselves, in how we live those experiences.
If we go through life with the belief that happiness depends on our circumstances, the situations we go through, having more money, better children, a good job, a stable partner, etc., we will be continuously looking for what we lack, without realizing that happiness has nothing to do with that.
Happiness can always be found in us, it is not something that is out there. It is a matter of realizing that it does not depend on what we have, but rather on what we are. This means learning to love, accept and coexist with yourself, since they will be the keys so that in any situation we can feel the happiness that lies within us.
Our attitude towards life changes when we become aware that personal satisfaction is not as variable as we have been led to believe, it is not in constant dependence on what happens around us. We have the potential to choose how to live our experiences, to achieve greater harmony and take responsibility for our happiness.
It is not about living more positive than negative experiences, but about learning to integrate all experiences as a vital learning, since all of them are useful and necessary.

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