Trust yourself

Trust in yourself, live for and for yourself, have what you love to do, smile, dance, laugh until you cry, sing and enjoy your life.
You feel alone, but the best company is yourself, only you can make yourself feel good or you can make yourself feel bad.
Do not let your life depend on anyone, it is your life, live it, not the desperate in people who do not love you, love yourself. And yes, kisses, cries, excites, wants, even if you know that with whom you do it is not the person who is destined to be with you always, as far as we know, there are people moments, there are people with laughter and there are tears, and there are people who are only passionate loves, intense but brief, so do not hold on to them, what is for you will stay and what will not, will leave because that is the best for you, a destination do not pressurize yours
And so, one day, when you are ready and do not know it, get to the person with whom you share your life and your smiles and tastes enjoy life in company, not depending on someone else’s life.
However, there is no hope, you live and be happy just because you can be.
(By: Sam Chevalier)

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