4 terrible effects that your body suffers when you stop having sex

A woman can spend a lot of time without sex for various reasons: whether there is a drought, that she is going through a thunder, or that she is simply not interested at the moment.

But if it is an activity that gives us pleasure, why do we lose interest? According to general practitioner Ginni Mansberg, “sometimes people stop having sex because it’s uncomfortable and they may not even remember what made them uncomfortable in the first place.”

You may have experienced a period of vaginal dryness or there have been problems in the relationship, and then you stopped doing fun things in bed, which becomes a vicious circle, because this also has effects on you, for example, the four following.

1. Loss of libido

According to Dr. Mansberg, the libido of women is much more complex than that of men, because it is not something only physical.

In addition, there is little information about it, because it is difficult to determine why people stop having sex in the first place.

Mansberg also explained that, often, women who have had long-term relationships have low libidos, because it can be difficult to feel passion for someone who has become a “comfortable shoe”.

Some also find themselves less “hungry” for sex if it has been a long period of time without him.

On the other hand, a lack of coincidence in libidos can be difficult for a couple. If a woman wants sex and her partner does not, it can be absolutely devastating, since it can make her feel unattractive

2. Loss of lubrication

When you stop having sex, your vagina tends to shrink and it becomes less good to lubricate you.

“This is because estrogen is partially involved in the lubrication and expansion of the vagina,” Dr. Mansberg explains, “the cells that make the lubricant are loaded by estrogen, they line up in the vagina, it’s called the mucous membrane, which is a mucous lining “.

This membrane is important, because a dry vagina not only produces uncomfortable sex, but also predisposes you to urinary tract infections.

3. Dilated vaginal walls

The walls of the vagina are a muscle and, although they do not weaken when women stop having sex, they become thin.

It is the exercises or the orgasms of the pelvic floor that cause the muscles to contract, and when they are not used, they become thinner.

That’s not really a big problem, but you may not have an intense orgasm the first time you do it again (that is, sex).

Fortunately, the muscles can regain their strength and you, those powerful orgasms, according to Mansberg.

4. High levels of stress

There are studies that prove that sex is a great ally to get rid of stress, so maybe women who do have sex, then, are in healthy relationships.

“It’s hard to be 100% sure of this,” says the doctor, but then it may not be necessarily the sex that is elevating your stress, but the fact that you are in a healthy relationship where you have access to sex and are Happy to have it and you’re not fighting all the time be responsible for keeping it low.

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