someone will come to your life,
It will change your tears for smiles,
will fill your hands with your hands,
will light the light of your heart
and it will go completely, loneliness.
You will not have to say anything,
because he will understand your silences,
that someone will repair your dreams,
will take the pieces of your heart
and it will show you a heaven, without pain.
It will return in you, faith, hope,
the longings, he will take in his hands
your dreams as your dreams,
and it will become a beautiful reality.

Do not tear hope from your soul,
never wake up without bringing a dream with you,
do not forget each one of your wishes,
you deserve to be loved and loved.
When you find that being of whom I speak to you,
do not let it escape from your hands,
kisses her lips,
Keep it in the hollow of your arms.
Love him without fear, surrendering the whole heart,
in each kiss, in each hug, without condition,
and let heaven bless you,
because love is real and not a lie,
If you dream it, you can find it.
That day came to my life,
when I saw you, when I touched your hands,
when I loved you …
Love challenges times, distances,
it nests in moments and moments,
It is out of all logic and is true.

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