she .. beautiful

She looked at herself in the mirror, then I looked at him who was sitting on the bed, she asked him, do you still like it?
He answered, like the first day.
She put her hands around her waist and asked him, have you noticed that my body is not the same as when we first met?

He answered. Do not.
She put her hands to her bust and asked him, you noticed that my bust is already down, he replied. Do not.
She lifted her robe and looked at her legs and asked,
Did you notice that my legs are not hard and smooth as before? He answered
Not again.
Then she approached him and with tears in his eyes asked her.
So what do you do next to me if you do not see me anymore, if you do not realize how much my body has changed, we sleep together and you do not realize that I am not the same as yesterday?
He smiled and said.
Long before you see your body,
Look at your way of being, long before touching your body, I felt your way of loving,
Long before you see your bust lifted, look at your heart a heart full of kindness,
Long before you see your sensual figure,
I felt that you were the perfect mold to sow my seed, I felt fertile soil, I felt you as a mother, and a lady to make my home.
Woman … Do not be sad about how you look, be happy about how I still feel you.
I fell in love with the sensuality and goodness of your soul, not with the vanity of your body …. And through the tears she drew a smile That made her face shine again ….

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