Photos to succeed in online dating

What makes a photo attractive for men looking for online dating? That seems to be the question that our colleagues were asked on the website ABC, and as we share the curiosity to know we tell you what they discovered.

To find answers they consulted members of the most recognized online dating sites and a fashion expert. All agreed that the Profile photo It is what attracts more attention from men and what makes them interested in meeting the girl in question. But it’s not pictures with the naked skin but it’s a Question of clothing. That’s right Men looking for serious relationships look at the dress.

Simply Elegant

The key is posing for the photo with a Simple dress, while boldness is relegated to the color of the dress as shades of pink, yellow and mustard, and not to show more skin.

“Something flattering and elegant is the key”Said Kate Taylor from the match to ABC site. and Marie Cosnard de Hapen completed the idea: “The classic black dress will serve you well, like a black leather jacket”. According to Lucy Jones, of the site ToyboyWarehouse, the Black color It increases by 19% the chances of receiving visits in the profile.

Casual look

Show a casual look or suggesting the practice of a hobby is another Caller of online Dating. It seems to reflect that the person is shown as it is and that draws people.

Of course, many might be tempted to pose only for the photo with a look of athlete and then, instead of exercising, go straight to the closet to store clothes. It’s a possibility, but the idea is Show the real habits, hobbies, or what they are passionate about.

 Summer attire Favors your appointments.

A photo wearing a Summer Dress and vaporous Significantly increases the likelihood of Receive online visits. An ideal look could be a flower dress combined with brown leather sandals because “They give an appearance of a relaxed and accessible person”, explained Marie.

Have you noticed anything? None of the experts mentioned photos where the woman looks sexy and provocative, with a deep neckline, or in a small swimsuit. Apparently, Men who are looking for serious relationships look at other types of profiles.

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