So we want to make love to us

Women, with respect to everything, are more complex. NOT complicated, but complex.

That is, we need different elements to be ready, I repeat, for everything, but for sex in particular.

And this does not mean either that we can not enjoy that wild, spontaneous sex, almost of animal instinct. Not at all. We do it, and we do it very well.

But when we want to “make love”, we also want to do it well. It is not enough for us to take off our clothes and that’s it.

WE NEED the kisses, the rubs, the caresses. Time.

Although it is usually a commonplace to say that men just want to “get to the point” when it comes to sex, sure you’ve ever checked that clichĂ©.

So this is a request for us to make love to each other. Because it is about sharing, about truly intimate.

We want them to care about their pleasure, yes, but they also care about ours.

If one of the ways to call sex is to make love, it is because it implies that care that one usually puts to the things that he loves.

Therefore, man, if you are reading this, enjoy every piece of skin, make the desire feel and, please, realize that penetration is not everything.

Let’s all make love, and not just remove fabric.

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