How many orgasms does the woman have?

Currently, it has been proven that women can have 226 orgasms. Yes, it sounds crazy, but the truth is that there is a contest about masturbation that gives prizes to those who spend more time masturbating and those who get more orgasms. So, effectively, women are multi-orgasmic and can have as many orgasms as they and their partners propose, and today we want to explain why.

Multiple orgasms
Orgasm seems to be something so rare for women – only 25% reach the climax whenever they have sex, compared to 90% of men – and at the same time, their body allows them to have not one, but several orgasms at the same time.
The orgasm in the woman does not have a biological function, since she can get pregnant without reaching the climax. During sex, the blood circulation in the female genitalia increases, the vagina begins to lubricate and its size grows slightly. It increases the heart rate and breathing, and contractions of the muscles of the area occur. The vagina, anus and uterus contract at the same time in intervals of 0.8 seconds and in different intensities: a short orgasm can last between three and five contractions, while an intense one can have up to ten.
In the brain, some areas are literally disconnected: recent studies show that the area of ​​fear and emotions is momentarily quenched during these seconds.

After this peak, the body enters a state of relaxation, although many women agree that a single orgasm is not enough to release that sexual tension. That means that the energy has not gone down completely, and it’s time to get a second orgasm, and third, and fourth …
This is called the refractory period: it is the time between the end of the orgasm and the feeling of excitement again. By not having this, the woman remains excited and therefore can have several orgasms.

The types of orgasms in a woman
The woman can reach orgasm by stimulating different points of her body, so, for a multiorgasmic, the most likely is that they have orgasms in different parts of the body.
The most common orgasm is that which comes from the stimulation of the clitoris; Then vaginal orgasm follows, which costs more time to get, but women usually feel it more pleasant.

This type of orgasm is usually achieved by the G-spot, an area within the vagina that looks more spongy than the rest of the walls. Sometimes, not many and not all women achieve it, they can have a kind of ejaculation, called squirting.
Recently, point A has also been discovered, which is a little deeper than G and on the front wall of the vagina. The good thing about this point is that after having reached an orgasm, it does not become extremely sensitive, so you can continue stimulating and you can have other orgasms.

Other points are the deep point – which is located almost on the cervix – the point U – the small area between the urethra and the vagina. And although it may seem strange to you, some women have managed to have an orgasm only by stimulating the breasts, mouth, skin -especially by means of massages in the body-, or the mind, which for something they call it, the sexual organ larger.
How many orgasms does the woman have? As I said, so far you can reach 226, although no scientist has come to see that you can not reach more.

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