Have you had the feeling of falling asleep?

It’s called idiot headache, that’s why it happens, you’re probably part of that 70% of people at least once in your life, while you sleep you experienced the feeling of falling into the void. This phenomenon is defined by the science “hypnotic spasm.”

The feeling of falling into the emptiness, usually occurs in the first moments of sleep. The reasons may be different, it occurs especially if particular emphasis is placed or anxious, but it can also occur in the absence of these two emotional states.

When you have the feeling of falling, the body reacts instinctively, usually the contract of legs and other muscles quickly, the sudden twitching of the body parts makes the sudden awakening.

The hypnotic spasm occurs when you fall asleep and breathing falls significantly, this phenomenon is perceived by the brain as a dangerous situation, for this nervous system reacts and makes the sudden awakening.

Scientifically, during the initial stage of sleep, from the reticular formation, an area of the brain stem, a signal of time is sent the spine, which causes the relaxation of the muscles. If this signal is “misunderstood”, it comes from muscle spasm.

The causes of hypnotic spasms could be several, including: Physical activity at night, caffeine consumption, stress or fatigue. And again, the lack of some nutritional substance such as iron and calcium.

Hypnotic spasm can sometimes also occur in the REM phase of sleep, i.e., in the midst of dreams. For example, when you are dreaming of falling from a height, a palace, a cliff, in practice you can revive the feeling of unbalanced demonstrated awakening. In this case, the hypnotic spasm is so linked to the dream itself to a psychological factor.

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