Find yourself a madwoman …

“Find yourself a madwoman … Find yourself a madwoman, from the auction. Of those when you think that you can not do something stupid, it goes and surprises you with something unexpected. Seek out who is laughing out loud, no matter where he is or who is around. Who tells you bad jokes and make silly jokes without being able to avoid them and do not know why. Let him sing on the street with the music of some car and try that you do too. Let her dance in the rain without worrying about her hairstyle. Look for a heavy one, those that play with your weak points or manias knowing that they get you crazy, provoking in you a crazy desire to drown her, but with hugs. Look for an irrational, humble, simple and direct. Let him cry, let him cry, let him have character. That you mount numbers but that compensates them with very good scenes. Do not know how you will react, have multiple personalities and get to fall in love with each of them. And that you can only silence her with kisses. That person who will do everything possible to give you a smile at the hardest moments, which will give you the hand and will not let go until you are completely sure that you do not lose your balance. Who does not need to tell you anything, because with the look will tell you everything. That will give you everything from the minute one without asking anything in return. Find a person with whom you lose the notion of time and space … Find yourself a crazy … ”

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