To dance the rhythm of Bachata, a proprietary format has been composed that shares elements with other Caribbean rhythms. Thus, her dance consists of a series of simple steps that produce a movement from front to back, or from side to side; and that always starts with the left foot. It is a four-time dance,

in which it is necessary to fit displacements and turns, which requires a great rapport with the couple. Many experts agree that the work of bachata dancers should be developed taking into account the following aspects: The knees should remain slightly bent to facilitate that the hips swing with ease and elegance

Pay attention to the correct position of the hand while maintaining a strong frame and preventing it from bending. This is especially in the case of the dancer who directs his partner. Practice constantly so that the movements flow naturally. Maintain eye contact with your dance partner at all times. Maintain eye contact with your dance partner at all times.

A fundamental part of this dance is the communicative capacity of the dancers among themselves. The stories of his songs are often related to love and sensuality, which requires that the performers be affected by what is playing and transmit it in their movements.
Bachata is a simple but sensual dance from the Dominican Republic. Its colorful roots are reflected in the romantic movements, as well as in the music that accompanies it

Karol Tatiana Aka-Maracas


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