7 Reasons for sleeping naked

Sleeping naked is good, it makes you happier, it improves the quality of the sleep and makes you feel more relaxed. Science explains why, ready seven reasons to say goodbye to pajamas.

To sleep better.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, in fact, body temperature drops naturally while sleeping deeply. This phenomenon is due to the circadian rhythm, a cycle of approximately 24 hours, which regulates many phenomena, such as phases of drowsiness, heart rate, hormonal secretions, blood pressure or immune response. Wearing pajamas can disturb this natural drop in temperature and therefore disturb sleep and cause insomnia.

To breathe the private parts. 

From the vagina has similar internal temperatures in the tropics, it is also the right place for the proliferation of bacteria and infections. Sleeping nude helps the private parties and protect themselves against these drier risks.

They feel sexier.

 Sleeping without pajamas and seeing us just wakes up naked makes us happier and increases confidence in ourselves. To be more confident we need to feel even more beautiful and very comfortable with our body.

To reduce the waistline. 

Our body gets cold at night, increasing the level of our hormones and lowering the cholesterol test at the same time. The perfect dream consists of two cycles: the first in which the body reduces the cortisol levels and the second in which the body works to raise these levels again in front of the next day, so that we pose with enough energy. If sleep is interrupted (e.g., disadvantaged pajamas), the body will produce more cortisol than usual and this makes excess appetite increases. Goodbye diet, actually.

Have more sex. 

If she’s already naked, she’s more prone to sex, isn’t she? In this case oxytocin is increased in our body, leading to a decrease in stress and other benefits (which also reduces the risk of intestinal inflammation, for example). Not to say has, the intimacy of the benefits of the relationship of it.

To save time the next morning.

 Leaving her pajamas helps to feel fresh during the night, makes us sweat less and saves us those 20 or 30 minutes that we devote to the shower the next morning.

Why is it easier? 

In short, you just undressed and crawl under the sheets.

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