45 ways to reach a woman’s heart

Tips for falling in love

Tips to fall in love with a woman 45 ways to reach the heart of a woman, to love her, to “make her knees tremble”.

Some of these forms or tips are already “classic”, others are more original. Dose the ideas and do not think to put into practice all these tips at once, you will become your slave, without the possibility of ever releasing.


  • Ask him to dance. If you are able to ask for it at the right time and after the necessary romantic environment, there will be nothing more simple and effective.
  • Kiss on the line between your shoulders when you turn around to sleep.
  • When you arrive from the street, cross the entrance upstairs to meet with you, walk towards it, to see it as soon as possible.
  • In days of wind him his rebellious hair from his eyes and from his mouth
  • Put your arm around when you go to introduce your friends or your family.
  • Take your hand at special moments … Kiss passionately from time to time.
  • Call her when you feel sad.
  • Kiss her eyelids.

  • Tell him to tell you things and show you pictures of when I was a kid.
  • Wash from your head to your feet when you are in a shower.
  • If she cries on the phone, go running to where she is. Immediately.
  • Make love to him in an unexpected place and in an unexpected or unusual way.
  • Now and then call her by her first and last name.
  • Buy your favorite music album of all time in the format of
  • When you ask him for coffee, remember exactly how he likes it.
  • Take her in her arms, Desnúdala and put her in bed when she has fallen asleep in the car or in the living room.
  • She mentions her next anniversary before she does.
  • Send something to your email. Anything, a postcard, a phrase, a picture …
  • When she feels insecure, look her in the eye and tell her there’s no one in the world who can be as perfect for you as she is.
  • Call her before you board the plane or the train.
  • Pick up his clothes from the ground.
  • He tries desperately to make her laugh when he comes down.
  • Take her to see your favorite sport live. Lend more attention to her than to the game.
  • Touch your arm or her when you leave the table to go to the bathroom. Tócaselo again when you come back.
  • Shave right before you see her. She’ll notice.
  • Her when you feel jealous. Her strong.
  • Worship cult to her breasts.
  • Give a jewel.
  • Take two towels when you leave the shower (the second is for your hair)
  • Ask him specific things about his work.
  • Keep your favorite cereals handy, the food or drink you know you like.
  • In the middle of a conversation tell her you love her.
  • Send flowers after a very special night for both of us.
  • Take her to a cabin with a chimney. Enciéndele a fire.
  • Pronounce his name when you make love to him.

  • Read or tell her a romantic story when it’s your turn to drive on a long journey.
  • Offer fix something of yours that you’ve noticed is broken.
  • Notice when she’s wearing something new and tell her how good she feels.
  • Make love to him standing against a wall.
  • Kiss your hand in front of your friends.
  • If you are too stressed for sex you can: Prepare a good bath, give a massage throughout your body, ask if you want a “friendly” fight …
  • Put some romantic idea into practice once in a while.
  • Remind them every now and then about when they fell in love.
  • Make it a perfect breakfast or take things to the bed you like.
  • Take her to her favorite store without telling her in advance.

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