Sex 5 things you didn’t know about the clitoris

The clitoris is one of the most important parts of the vagina, more if we talk about feeling pleasure in sex or reaching orgasm.

And that’s exactly why all women should know it, but perfectly, extremely well.

and is that according to the sexologists of the Sinclair Intimacy Institute the Clitoris is the only organ whose function is to provide pleasure, of course, when it is stimulated correctly. It has nothing to do with pregnancy, menstruation or urination.

Learning about this organ is not only important for you to know your body, but also to achieve more pleasure during sex.

How could you do something to work if you don’t know him, right? So here are some Things about the clitoris you should know.

# 1 is bigger than it You

Although your clitoris looks like the size of the tip of a finger, it extends up to ten times that dimension along the vulva.

Therefore, during sex your partner needs to pay attention not only to the external part (although with penetration achieves enough stipulation).

# 2 needs foreplay

When you get excited, both the glans and the clitoris’s axis fill up with blood and increase their size, which can help you reach orgasm.

And how do you get a proper excitement? With previous games. The kisses and caresses were not created by anything.

# 3 Yes, it must be touched and licked

During sexual intercourse the penis does not make direct contact with the clitoris, so the stimulation is not as potent as to take you to orgasm.

So, if your partner touches you with your fingers or licks on oral sex you’re more likely to feel pleasure and get to the climax.

# 4 can cause you trouble

When you don’t get to orgasm, the blood that flowed to your clitoris as a result of excitement can remain there, keeping it congested for a few hours, which could be annoying.

If that happens, don’t try to “fix” it with more sex, it will happen naturally.

# 5 should be treated with care for better sex

It is already clear that clitoral stimulation is essential, but it should be done with care.

and is that as the excitement grows, this organ becomes less visible as it will be covered by swollen tissues.

If your boy is abrupt, he can cause irritation instead of pleasure.

It’s nothing from the other world to treat your clitoris well, it’s just a matter of you taking these data into account at the time of having sex. If your partner doesn’t know, tell them.

Remember that most sexual pleasure is generated with good communication.

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